Advertising office

Do you know that your business can be seen in many different ways and in different channels under the brand Electronic Environment?


Printed newspaper (Swedish)

Distribution: mail distribution, Sweden


Digital newspaper (Swedish)

Distribution: Digital Distribution, Sweden


Digital newspaper (English edition)

Distribution: Digital Distribution, Europe website, (Swedish) website (English)


Business Directory (printed and digital) Swedish


Business Directory (digital) English


Newsletter (Swedish)

Distribution: Digital Distribution, Sweden


Newsletter (English)

Distribution: Digital Distribution, Europe


Our media brokers manages all channel selection, whether it be global digital advertising, or traditional advertising in the printed edition.

Contact details

To get in touch with the advertising department sends easiest an email to:, or call directly to our media brokers:

  • Fredrik Johansson, 031-708 66 93,
  • Dave Harvett, +44 121 (0) 705 21 20,


Do you want to update your information in the Supplier Guide, call +46 31-708 66 92, or send an email to