On the EMC Performance of Cable Trays

How to . improve EMC performances of cable installations. The major conclusion from the study is that cable trays are an integral part of the ground structure (actually, it forms the ground if correctly done; nothing else is needed), which can perform as a shielding structure for the enclosed electronic systems. The major quality parameter […]

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Ögat På: EMC från bricka till bricka, del 10

Vi fortsätter . att betrakta vår figur: ”EMC från bricka till bricka” och går vidare till signalöverföring. EMC måste tas om hand i alla delar, såväl på elektrisk som på mekanisk systemnivå, och på alla nivåer i en utrustning på ett systematisk och planerat sätt.

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Skärmande optiska filter för alla miljöer

Behov av . att EMI/RFI-skärma displayer finns i dag i en mängd sammanhang. Några självklara exempel är militära, medicinska och flygapplikationer. Att skärma displayer har tidigare alltid inneburit att man hårt fått kompromissa vad gäller den optiska läsbarheten. Moderna material och tekniker ger dock nya möjligheter med avseende på avstörning, läsbarhet, reflexer och känslighet för växlande temperatur med tillhörande kondens- och isbildningsproblem.

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TV Dist


Michel Mardiguian . Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) is the generic term describing a situation whereas an electrical disturbance generated by a certain electronic/electrical equipment is causing an undesirable response to another equipment. This undesirable effect may range from a mere nuisance to a catastrophic failure, with associated financial losses or eventually human casualties. The origin of the disturbance could also be a natural phenomena like lightning strokes or ElectroStatic Discharges (ESD). ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is just the opposite: EMI being the disease, EMC is the cure, that is the discipline analyzing and preventing or fixing interference problems.

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EMC problems caused by ageing products – a real world example

A new product . must comply with certain EMC requirements in order to fulfill the essential requirements in the EMC directive. Mostly we take it for granted the product maintains its EMC performance through its entire lifetime. From sometimes bitter experience we know that our dear products fail occasionally, needing repair or replacement. Most people relate failure to loss of function but loss of EMC performance can also occur.

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A Primer on PIM

Background . PIM is an acronym for Passive InterModulation, an interference problem in wireless systems. The problem is not new, but has been known since long time back by designers of, for instance cell phone systems, space probes, connectors, coaxial cables, antennas and filters. The problem most frequently occurs, when dealing with high RF-currents in confined spaces. In this text, the basic theories behind PIM will be briefly discussed.

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Standards, Methods and Issues of Destructive High-Power Microwave Testing

Abstract . The possible threat of a high-power microwave (HPM) weapon that destroys electronic equipment or its function is today taken seriously, and test methods and test standards are slowly adapted to this situation. However, a complete standard methodology for destructive HPM testing of complex electronic systems does not exist. In this article, the current status of relevant standards is reviewed, and FOIs ongoing work to contribute to the development of an up-to-date standard is mentioned.

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Nya standarder

Nya standarder . Sammanställningen är ett urval av nya svenska standarder på det elektroniska området fastställda av SEK Svensk Elstandard under mars, april, maj 2015.

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Det fullt uppkopplade samhället – vision som förutsätter EMC!

En redaktörs reflektioner . Det totala antalet mobilabonnemang i världen är nu lika stort som jordens befolkning. Samtidigt spänner aktörer inom mobil kommunikation musklerna runt en vision som får dagens mobilanvändning att endast framstå som en början. Efter tredje och fjärde generationens mobiltelefonisystem så pågår nu utvecklingen mot femte generationen, 5G.

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Methodology for destructive HPM testing

FOI is establishing a facility . for destructive HPM testing and is developing an envisaged test methodology for such tests. The methodology consists of two test phases: (1) Determine the lowest power density required to destroy an object within a frequency range, using a reverberation chamber. (2) At this frequency, determine the most sensitive direction of attack using an HPM generator. A reverberation chamber and an HPM-generator adequate for such tests are presented together with early results from destructive testing of electronic systems in a reverberation chamber.

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